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Maximize your potential

ELITE PERFORMANCE TENNIS specializes in providing high performance training and coaching for aspiring junior players with the knowledge and experience of our former ATP ranked and highly qualified coaches.
With our professional training methods and state of the art facilities, we aim to maximise each players’ potential and help them reach their goals.
We offer individual coaching, international tournament travelling services and training camps around Europe with our main base in London, UK.
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Two players from EPT Performance Men's Squad with their coach

EPT player Felix Mischker's training experience


Mariam Bolkvadze, top 162 ranked WTA player


Combining proven methods in player development to maximize player potential
By recognizing each player's strengths and by concentrating on developing those further, we aim to help players concentrate on their strengths thus building mentally strong players for the future. Not forgetting to also recognize the areas for development that require extra special attention in each player, we work on improving those.
By use of video analysis, statistics and match sessions, our coaches' aims are to spot the weaker areas in order to work with the player on those.

Mariam Bolkvadze, at the US Open


EPT Head Coach Stefan Sterland-Markovic 

Haruki,Amman, Jordan.jpg

EPT players at a tournament


Elite Performance Tennis offers tournament travelling for high performance players. EPT coaches have extensive experience travelling internationally with players from 12 and under Tennis Europe to professional tournaments.

EPT coaches are available to travel with players to the following tournaments:

  • National UK tournaments

  • Tennis Europe 12’s, 14’s and 16’s

  • ITF Juniors 18’s

  • Futures, Challengers and ATP/WTA tournaments

This is subject to the calendar and availability of EPT coaches.

Please contact us at for more info.

Enrique LUQUE Rico and Henry St John_Cordoba_Spain.jpg

Practising serves

EPT player Victor Paganetti

Training at the National Tennis Centre in Roehampton

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